Don't let your business remain invisible!

Let your brand image and experience be exceptional. Get your customers to buy from you and remain loyal to your business.


What is contained in this book?

In this book, you will learn the following:

- think through the solution you're offering in order to be able to successfully sell it faster

- identify the individuals who need your offering and how to target them

- increase profits through brand experience

- strategies that help you attract the customers you want

- strategies that help you keep the customers you have

Who should get this book?

- If you're thinking about starting a new business and would love to learn what pitfalls to avoid as you start, then this is for you.

- If you're serious about gaining more business knowledge and skills, then this is for you.

- If you're ready to get more paying customers in your business, then this is for you.

- If you're ready to expand your business beyond its current situation, then this is for you.

- If you're ready to grow your business and move it dramatically, this is for you.

What to do

Once payment has been made, send your full name and your email address to and we will send you your package.


What people are saying about this book...

Alex Iheanacho

Financial Intelligence Expert

"This has been one of the best audio books I have listened to in a long time. I have listened to it many times and still looking forward to more! The presentation was so apt and serene  that you can't but assimilate the contents freely. Every piece of information in it is like fine wine served chilled especially at the right time. I recommend this audio book  to anyone who is serious about his entrepreneurship journey."

Chibuzo Madu

Director, Learnscape Teachers Hub

"I love the book. It highlights some of the challenges I faced when I ventured into my business. I now understand that it's about THE CUSTOMER and how I understand them (their buying pattern, behavior). Anurika has done a fantastic job with her work and I recommend 'Customer Attraction' if you are wondering why you've been spending money in your business and you're not getting the returns you expect."

Uche Moses

Co-Founder, Sure Zoom

"This book has opened my eyes to the framework of getting and keeping customers on a little budget, and I'm sure it'll do the same for you. Simple and practical concepts on how to know your ideal customers, persuade them and keep them coming back, without huge marketing research fees."

Frank Ilo

Principal Architect, Afridesign

"Your audio book is super excellent. Apart from the fact that it is loaded with rich educative content, the voice quality was superb. I loved your use of various analogies, stories and anecdotes to buttress your points. Your work was WOW! I'm guarding it jealously. I'll be making regular references to it as I run my business."

Abimbola Amure

CEO, Purple Sash Hair

"Thank you Anurika for the Audio book. It came at the right time. I must say that it helped me in the way that I think about my business. I gained clarity about my message and also the type of customers I want to serve. The audio book has helped me to think more about strategies that I want to create to increase more patronage and attract more customers to my business."

About the author

Anurika Azubuike

Anurika Azubuike is a Business Growth Strategist and Founder of Customer Attraction Academy®. Her greatest passion is in helping business owners build profitable, irresistible businesses. Through her experience and background, she studied and understood secrets that help businesses succeed by managing their positioning, targeting customers who are hungry for their business and helps them fast-track their growth.